Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

life |new year's resolutions

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new year's resolutions - i actually like them. not the ones that sound like everybody else's (lose weight, find love, blabla), but the ones that really make you look forward to the new year. plus, i think mine are pretty easy to achieve:

- wear more heels
- buy more shoes (hello mum, if you read this. sorry, yes, i mean it!)
- be more daring
- most important: save more money to buy great stuff, leave cheap and unnecessary things behind.

i am already on a mission to fulfill my last resolution: i having been going radical on my closet, dismissing all the things that have filled me with the slightest doubt about me ever wearing them again.
i really just want to keep the basics and the things that i really really really like and do constantly wear. i have already sold five things and i am planning on putting up more and more so my closet will look as empty as can be when i'm done.

it would not be me though if i didn't plan on buying new things. this year, however, i will try to be very conscious about the things that i take home with me. i would like to stay away from shops like h&m as i think that they just support consumerism and make us unconscious about the things that we really need and really want. if you would like to support my little mission, just click here or on the shop-button in the sidebar and maybe you will find something that you like.

on a side note, a few more resolutions are to wear more lipstick and to read elle uk as the only fashion magazine every month.

do you have any new year's resolutions? i would love to hear them!


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  1. Ich habe auch den Vorsatz, Geld nicht mehr quasi wahllos für günstigere Sachen auszugeben..

    Auf meinem Blog gibt's gerade ein Gewinnspiel:

  2. I wish all your wishes come true!And again sorry Isabel's mom ;)
    Nice blog bytheway!Bloglovin you!
    Style LimeLight

  3. Oh gott, meinen gesamten Kleiderschrank zu verkaufen könnte ich mir NIE vorstellen... aber ich muss definitiv mal ein paar Sachen loswerden :)

    new post: click here
    follow me

  4. Ein guter Vorsatz. Ich will in nächster Zeit auch meinen Kleiderschrank etwas ausräumen. Viel Glück dir dabei.

  5. NO resolutions. NEVER. i'm so attracted by forbidden things. ;)

    xx mika

  6. schönen blog hast du!


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