Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

trends | all-over sequins

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via asos

i seem to have a new obsession with sequined everything - sequined shorts (found a lovely one from lipsy, too bad summer is over for now..), sequined tops and of course, sequined skinny pants.
those skinnies are from the parisian label iro and they could be mine for 'only' 130€. love or love?

i promise there is going to be more genuine stuff coming up, i'm just so lazy when i have some time off..


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Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

sunday song | razorlight - golden touch

don't you just love remembering old favourites?
all you need for a good sunday night.


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Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

news | ed hardy feat. taste

so, yesterday i was going through twitter when i saw it - h&m is launching its next capsule collection, titled the dragon tattoo-collection.
i was like, omg, are they teaming up with ed hardy?!
i clicked on the article by lesmads and i was pleased that the contrary showed up: h&m is collaborating with trish summerville, among other things known for creating the clothes for the movie 'the girl who kicked the hornets nest' also known as the stieg-larsson-trilogy.
and they seem to be bringing out cool stuff! all very lisbeth-salander-themed with a bit of a fashionable twist, as trish summerville puts it. most of all, i am excited to see the leather pants (what a surprise).

the collection is going to be available worldwide, shortly after the h&m x versace launch, on 14th december in the h&m divided-sections. usually, i despise divided because it seems they only have stuff that wanting-to-be-part-of-wasted-youth-teenagers would wear, i.e. the quality is even worse than in the other sections, but i am going to wait and see.

how do you like the first impressions of the collection?

so long,

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Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

sunday song| bloc party - banquet

this tune might not pass on the most sundayish of all moods, but i just came across it and remembered how it is one of my favourite songs of all times. so - bare with and fall in love!


Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

trends | h&m x versace

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pictures via nitrolicious

soo, h&m teaming up with versace.. i have to admit, at first i was very excited about this. versace is one of the number uno designers in the world so how could that go wrong? well than i thought again - isn't versace known for (at least in my head) incredibly tacky clothes?
so i planned to just wait and see. now that we can see i must say that this collaboration is the first one that i just love - in terms of diversity.
let's see, we have leather, we have studs and we also have incredibly cool prints that may look like the shirt of your grandad that he puts on when leaving for holidays but still - they are cool!
however, then again we have things like this unbelievable tacky piece of a dress (picture four) that will make you look like a working girl no matter how classy you are. not to mention the horrible emblem of versace that reminds me of botox and trophy wifes.
do not let me even start on things like the small and very pricey purse littered with studs that you can easily do on your own, best example for that would be lovely alice.
so yes - once again h&m is launching a collection that is much too overpriced and much too not-worth-the-money-judging-by-the-looks.
try again, margareta!

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Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

outfit | my favourite uniform

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blouse - h&m bib (to be highly recommended!)/pants - dr. denim/boots - zara

it seems that as soon as the leaves come down, i turn into a thoroughly routine person. i start wearing the same colors for a whole season - black, grey, then different shades of grey, white, brown, olive. that is it.
but then again, maybe i'm just a routine person in summer as well.

i'm sorry that you have to put up with my snapshots all the time, i still do blame work for my lack of motivation - or good pictures for that matter. so just bear with me for the time being, i promise i'll do better. soon.

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just in case people forgot how i look like. me with my i'm-not-a-camwhore-look and my mum's (oh and mine as well) favourite scarf from lovely boss orange.

so that was just a quick hello, i'm back to bed, listening to adele and sipping on chai until i fall asleep.
catch you later people.


Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

outfit | when the days get shorter and nights get darker

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pants - dr. denim/blouse, crop sweater and choker - h&m

what i'm wearing for work today.
the fall season has begun and this week was more stressful than anything before. more than happy that it is friday today! 
i have lots of stuff planned for the blog and i'm really hoping that i can turn everything into reality over the weekend!
how are you guys dealing with the cold weather right now? have you gotten everything from your to-shop-lists for autumn?

so long,

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

sunday song| adele - lovesong

my love for adele is so so deep
happy sunday!

new in| choker

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Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

life| weekend in pictures

1 boarding at the earliest hour
2 self explanatory
3 sunrise over hamburg
4 relaxing at amora
5 preparing for the biggest dinner ever
6 blogger pre-breakfast
7 wearing new dr denim jeans (they're so black you can hardly see them) and an uo dress worn as blouse
8 sunset on a roof terrace
9 'ich will ab jetzt die glücklichste zeit meines lebens haben'
10 leaving hamburg

i hope you all had a weekend as lovely as mine was.
enjoy your day off,