Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

trends | h&m x versace

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soo, h&m teaming up with versace.. i have to admit, at first i was very excited about this. versace is one of the number uno designers in the world so how could that go wrong? well than i thought again - isn't versace known for (at least in my head) incredibly tacky clothes?
so i planned to just wait and see. now that we can see i must say that this collaboration is the first one that i just love - in terms of diversity.
let's see, we have leather, we have studs and we also have incredibly cool prints that may look like the shirt of your grandad that he puts on when leaving for holidays but still - they are cool!
however, then again we have things like this unbelievable tacky piece of a dress (picture four) that will make you look like a working girl no matter how classy you are. not to mention the horrible emblem of versace that reminds me of botox and trophy wifes.
do not let me even start on things like the small and very pricey purse littered with studs that you can easily do on your own, best example for that would be lovely alice.
so yes - once again h&m is launching a collection that is much too overpriced and much too not-worth-the-money-judging-by-the-looks.
try again, margareta!

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