Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

outfit | my favourite uniform

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blouse - h&m bib (to be highly recommended!)/pants - dr. denim/boots - zara

it seems that as soon as the leaves come down, i turn into a thoroughly routine person. i start wearing the same colors for a whole season - black, grey, then different shades of grey, white, brown, olive. that is it.
but then again, maybe i'm just a routine person in summer as well.

i'm sorry that you have to put up with my snapshots all the time, i still do blame work for my lack of motivation - or good pictures for that matter. so just bear with me for the time being, i promise i'll do better. soon.

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just in case people forgot how i look like. me with my i'm-not-a-camwhore-look and my mum's (oh and mine as well) favourite scarf from lovely boss orange.

so that was just a quick hello, i'm back to bed, listening to adele and sipping on chai until i fall asleep.
catch you later people.



  1. ich muss was los werden: du bist hübsch!

  2. ja, und die Haare auf dem 2. Bild sind toll!

    LG, Jasmin


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