Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

outfit | plain white t

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first of all: sorry for the rubbishness of the pictures. it is just very difficult to master the nerve to take some head-to-toes at around 7am.
well so the outfit - i usually don't go for all-black-with-a-white-spot but sometimes i just love it. so when i was thinking about what to wear today, i didn't want to put too much effort in it (remember, 7am..) - black suede flats, black (well at least it was black once) jeans by cheap monday, black mango blazer and to top it all off - a plain white tshirt by american apparel. my beloved metallic clutch was the only colour that i had on me today.
to emphasize the simplicity of this outfit, i wore a tiny peace-ring that i got on asos a couple of months ago.

so, on another note: i miss blogging. i crave it. as well as i crave fashion and i have this huuge urge to go shopping. so i ordered some bits and pieces online a couple of days ago and hopefully, they are going to arrive come weekend.
speaking of which - weekend, i cannot wait for you to finally be here!

any fun plans for the days off?

so long,


  1. klingt super das outfit, auch wenn es die bilder nur erahnen lassen! ich freue mich auch soo aufs wochenende, aber erst mal steht noch eine spätschicht an heute ;)

    hab ein schönes wochenende!


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