Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

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sweater,choker,parka - h&m/shorts - cos/tights - wolford/shoes - converse chucks/bag - zara/foxtail - gifted

i guess its official: tights season is back. 
whenever i get a new piece (that usually i am in love with) it is incredibly hard for me to also wear other things that i owned before. therefore, i wanted to let go off my dr.denim-jeans at least for once and dug out those cos shorts that i bought in summer. now i wish they were even shorter but only cause i can wear them with tights now ;-)
also, making something suitable for wintertimes that you bought on a hot summery day seems to be a difficult task. there is nothing worse for me than people trying to pull off their jeans cut-offs during winter with black tights. but these shorts didn't make much for a challenge.
all paired with my last-season parka from h&m and my beloved zara-bag. foxtails are cool in summer, but they really are awesome in winter (or fall, for that matter) i think!

how are you with new pieces in your closets? do you wear them until you cannot look at them anymore, too?

so long,

ps: only 7 weeks to go until christmas! who is as excited as i am?!

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  1. Die Shorts sind verdammt toll!

    Ich hab neue Sachen manchmal ganz lange im Schrank liegen, da ich sie zu etwas besonderem anziehen möchte und so eine Gelegenheit nicht kommt :D Andere habe ich dann sofort an und mag nichts anderes mehr anziehen :D

    Das bald Weihnachten ist kann ich gar nicht fassen, ich frag mich wirklich wo das Jahr geblieben ist! Aber Weihnachten ist toll <3

  2. Hahaha, ich musste so über deinen Post schmunzeln. Ich bereue es JEDES Mal, wenn ich meine Haare abschneide :D

    Ich hab Teile in meinen Schrank, die liebe ich trotz neuer Errungenschaften & Teile, die verschwinden, sobald sie von neuen Teilen abgelöst werden :D

  3. das sieht einfach toll aus was du trägst <3

  4. Schicki, ich hab das Kleid zu den Shorts ;)

  5. Soo nice :) love your blog! What do you think about follow eachother? :)

    Come and take a look on my blog..kisses from Italy! x

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  6. Beautiful shorts. ;)


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