Dienstag, 22. November 2011

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i saw them a while ago for the first time - to be exact, when i was about 6. i wore them everyday anyday, i just loved them. and i had them in many patterns and fabrics! maybe i was a trendsetter all along..
ANYWAY! when i saw these leggings a couple months ago, i didn't realize what i was seeing. my childhood love had come back to me - leggings that are in the best case knitted or made of velvet oooor, even better, have some fancy patterns that now would be called ikat or aztheqe or something similar (when i was young i was calling them christmas-leggings as many of mine had reindeers on them - LOVE!).
when i was in hamburg last weekend, i could not avoid stopping by at urban outfitters and i found that they had many lovely leggings that just felt right. they were for the most part a mixture between leggings and sweat pants; i think that is just the right mix for the lazy holy days.
howeverrr, i am not too sure if i'm not.. 16 years too old for that (yes, i had to count). what would you wear these pants to? what shoes, what tops? should you go for the all-pattern-mixed-look? well well well..

what do you think guys?

so long,

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    X Gini :)

  2. wenn ich nur die Beine dazu hätte, würd ich alle kaufen :D

  3. ich mag die Samtleggins so gerne! Habe ich vor kurzen bei H&M in der Kinderabteilung (ja ich kaufe dort öfters :D ) entdeckt und ich glaube die werden früher oder später noch in eine Einkaufstüte wandern.

  4. I find here great ideas and good taste!



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