Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

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dress/jacket/bag - all zara (hello monotony)

talk. about. over. consumption.
all in all, it is not too much. a dress, a jacket, pants (see last post) and a bag. combine it though, add up the prices - what was i thinking? haha but i really cannot help it as i love every single piece and two of them (jacket and bag) i've wanted for a very long time so i thought with christmas around, i would deserve a treat. WRONG THOUGHT!
i just hope that this post will keep me from buying more stuff for myself that i actually did put on my wishlist for christmas. i am just so afraid that the things that i want will be gone before anyone could give them to me. i am obviously nuts.

do you get the same? i just always make wishlists and in most cases, i buy all the things myself.


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  1. aaaaaaah tolle Sachen!!
    Besonders das Glitzerkleid und die Tasche...ich liebe diese Tasche. Aber an mir sieht sie sooo blöd aus, viel zu groß. Keine ahnung bei anderen sieht sie so toll aus :(

  2. Am I seeing that right!? Is it the Zara dress with black top and gold-skirt. I HATE YOU :DDDD No wonder, you're too broke to buy the asymetric dress haha :)

    lovely new things, even though my computer is freaking out and doesn't really load your pictures O.o

  3. tolles kleid!
    zeig es doch noch wie es angezogen ausschaut :)



  4. i love love love the glittery sparkly zara dress! great blog, madame. i'll follow... maybe you wanna stop by and follow back?

    <3 from stockholm,
    xx mika

  5. Hi dear, and I was going through your blog, loved it.
    Give a pass by the mine, if you like follow me?
    We can follow one another.
    Let's keep in touch, kisses.

  6. Ich mag deinen blog sehr :-*
    Lust auf ggs. verfolgen?<3

  7. dein blog ist wunderbar! :)
    sag, woher hast du denn die tolle zara jacke? ist das nicht die, die schon ewig ausverkauft war? ich suche sie schon so lange...


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