Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

sunday song

some of you may already know it, but i just received the new kings of leon album a couple of days ago when my boyfriend gave it to me. ever since, i got this song stuck on repeat. i just love that it makes me so melancholic and at the same time, so full of wishes.

so long,

ps: by the way, i just made another category, which is obviously 'sunday song'. every sunday, i'm going to post a song that i really like and listened to a lot during the week.


  1. fall in love with this song, thank you very much ♥

  2. Von den Onlineshops hör ich zu ersten mal :D danke für den Tipp ich schau gleich mal nach :D :*

  3. haha ich seh grad das ist gar kein onlineshop xD haha peinlich!


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